CyberKnife Used to Treat Facial Chronic Pain Disorder

January 9th, 2012

At 43 years old, Heidi Therrien did not wish to be retired and isolated in her home. However, a pain condition she developed nearly a decade ago had forced her to do so. She began having pains in her face, and having years of searching for the cause she was finally diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, a chronic condition that affects the nerves of the face, causing typical activities such as walking through the freezer section of a grocery store or brushing your teeth to be excruciating. She could not find non-surgical relief until she met with Dr. Kevin Yiee, who offered to use the CyberKnife. Although typically used for cancer, the tool focuses radiation on a very small area, and Dr. Yiee used it on her facial nerves affected by her disorder. She has since had vast improvements in her pain and is hoping to return to work.

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