How Virtual Reality Can Assist the Elderly

January 25th, 2017

Among the many new technologies on the market, virtual reality offers plenty of possibilities for exploration as it can be used in different industries including senior care. The technology has arrived at the right time with mobile devices already being widely used by the elderly. Although they generally lag behind their younger counterparts, users aged 65 and older said that owning a smartphone offers ‘a liberating experience’.

Smartphones are also the core of many VR headsets. They can either be connected directly to the wearable or wirelessly to render virtual reality images. However, there are particular features that make a handset VR-ready. Most premium handsets are the compatible device for head-mounted displays as they offer powerful features that enable high-definition VR apps to run. In a published post, tech resource O2 mentioned that smartphones have improved the most important features to offer a seamless experience for users (battery, display, connectivity, OS, etc).

But even with a basic knowledge of smartphones, are seniors ready to adopt VR?

Excerpted from an article by VRlifebyJ for the website VRScout. Click here to read the entire article.