2011 Pilot Study 4

Impact of Pain in the Development of Frailty in Older Adults

Investigator: Thuy-Tien Le Dam, MD – Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Department of Medicine, Division of Geriatrics Medicine and Aging Columbia University/Columbia Presbyterian

This study examines the impact of pain in the development of frailty and physical disability in older adults. Investigators hypothesize that under-diagnosed or undertreated pain causes frailty by limiting physical activity and mobility, contributing to dysregulated energetics, resulting in the frailty syndrome. Furthermore, investigators postulate that pain may have a greater impact on vulnerable adults who already have decreased physiologic reserves and have limited ability to respond to additional stressors. This study is collaborating with Citymeals on Wheels, a community organization, to collect additional information on pain and frailty in a cohort of homebound adults receiving home-delivered meals.