2011 Pilot Study 5

Pain as a Mediator of Physical Activity among Older Persons

Investigator: Janey Peterson, EdD, MS, RN; Assistant Professor of Clinical Epidemiology in Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College

Overview: This study will utilize 12 month longitudinal data for percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) patients, and  will determine if pain is a mediator of health behavior change over 12 months. This intervention will also assess behavior change patterns over 12 months, stratify for degree of pain, depression and/or stress and; evaluate the effect of pain on quality of life, combined major cardiac and neurologic morbidity/mortality and hospitalizations over 12 months. The goal of this study is to provide behavioral interventions that engage and motivate patients to become actively involved in the management of their disease with the goal of improving their outcomes and reducing long-term risk.