2012 Pilot Study 3

Integrating a Cognitive-Behavioral Pain Self-Management Program into Rehabilitation Provided in Senior Living Communities

Investigator: Katherine Beissner, PhD- Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Ithaca College

Pain is a common problem among older adults, and is associated with increased disability and lowered quality of life. Increasing research demonstrates the overall adverse health effects of pain, particularly when it is persistent. While drug therapy for pain is the most common treatment, preferred by patients and practitioners alike, there are limitations to this approach, especially among older adults who have multiple chronic health conditions. Cognitive behavioral approaches to pain management teach patient coping strategies to address the physical, emotional, and social impacts of pain. Prior work by two members of the research team (Beissner and external colleague Cary Reid) developed a cognitive behavioral pain self management (CBPSM) program for implementation in senior centers, and later adapted the program for delivery by physical therapists in home care. The proposed research will implement the program in a senior living community that provides multiple opportunities for reinforcement of program content. In this pilot study nurses will reinforce the content delivered by physical and occupational therapists when delivered in the home care setting, while subjects receiving treatment in a clinic setting be taught by a PT or OT without nursing reinforcement. Program impact will be measured at the patient level, and therapists and staff will provide input on the barriers and facilitators for program implementation