2017 Webinar Series: Decision Making and Pain

The TRIPLL webinar series is a web based training resource for health professionals, researchers and community practitioners interested in various health and research topics related to pain in later life. Webinars are interactive and feature diverse investigators and highly trained practitioners who present their expertise on various topics. Click here for slides from previous presentations and email jah3011@med.cornell.edu for information on upcoming webinars.

We invite you to attend our exciting, new webinar series on Decision Making and Pain. Please see below for more details and links to register.


Our Next Presentation is

The Impact of Expectations & Persistence on

Achieving Long Term Goals

Monday, June 26, 2017

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST

Kable joe 300x350-2Joseph Kable, PhD

Presenter: Joseph Kable, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Overview: People often choose to pursue long-term future goals over short-term immediate ones, then abandon this pursuit before achieving the future goal. Dr. Kable will discuss how this failure to persist toward delayed goals can arise from ones expectations regarding uncertain future goals. He will talk about his work showing the critical role of uncertainty in persistence towards future outcomes and examining how different forms of uncertainty are encoded in the brain, and affect other neural representations during voluntary persistence.

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